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IIoT - Industrial Cloud

Totalitee built a pioneering IIoT Industrial Cloud platform that allows industrial devices, appliances and machinery to be connected to a private cloud, securely over the internet..

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Software Development

Totalitee is a renowned software solutions developer. We love building the software that you need.

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Infrastructure & DevOps

All software needs infrastructure to function. You need this infrastructure to be on the same level and of the same quality as the rest of your business and automation solutions.

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Data Insights Solutions

Through your automation efforts you have the potential to generate massive amounts of data. Many companies don't have a good grasp on what data they have or can easily obtain, which of it is important and or interesting to monitor and can be used to drive results, and even if they do they are not willing to move resources from their core business to these efforts.

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Customer Testimonials

Our Passionate Team

John Simons


John works with clients and the team to define projects and lead implementations.

Nani Kaufmann

Business Developer

Nani creates and handles marketing and sales.

Felix Notermans

Software Developer

Felix builds parts of the code that drive our solutions.

Bob Severijns

Researcher/Business Analyst

Bob is our in-house researcher

Our Happy

We stand for our commitments to our clients and always strive to deliver the best solutions to our clients, in the broadest sense. To the right you see some examples of companies we worked with: